Getting you from A to B

Cloud computing offers companies new-found levels of collaboration, agility, speed and innovation, with better value all round. It's part of the new style of IT, which integrates business strategy with technologies such as cloud, big data and mobility. Yet knowing how to get the most out of your cloud is essential to unleashing its power. It's about having the right expert guidance and support along the way. The kind of expertise you get from working with a trusted partner like HP. Together, we can help you build the bridge from where you are now to where you want to be.

Evolve to your cloud

Realise your true business potential

Evolving to the cloud often starts with a conversation about the challenges you face and your business goals.

You may well identify with the top 10 business priorities Gartner recently identified among CIOs:

  • Increasing enterprise growth
  • Delivering operational results
  • Attracting and retaining new customers
  • Improving IT applications and infrastructure
  • Creating new products and services
  • Improving efficiency
  • Improving margins
  • Attracting and retaining the workforce
  • Improving marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Expanding into new markets and geographies

Cloud computing is one way of delivering real benefits to such real business priorities - for your employees, your customers and your partners. It promises greater agility, speed and innovation, faster application development and quicker deployment. This in turn allows rapid service creation and much greater cost control.

By working together, we'll look at the DNA of your organisation to really understand your business goals. Next we look at how HP Helion Managed Cloud Services can best help you realise the positive outcomes you are looking for.

Transform your business with HP by your side

Our Cloud Transformation Experience Workshop lets you explore the benefits of cloud, while our Application Transformation to Cloud Workshop is ideal for businesses already using cloud and want to benefit from moving and consuming applications.

Together, we'll delve into the heart of your business to understand your goals and vision, your current IT landscape and the critical success factors. We'll also explore all aspects of cloud services and options, compliance and security issues, your infrastructure, applications and information.

We'll then determine the best way that cloud can help your business and meet your strategic priorities, whether that's by adopting Private Cloud, Managed Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud or Public Cloud – or a combination.. Because when it comes to cloud, one size doesn't fit all. That's why we bring the cloud options together through our unique hybrid delivery model – all hosted and operated locally in the EU. From the workshop comes a robust roadmap of how to make the most of your existing infrastructure and maximise the benefits from the latest cloud technologies.

Your cloud choices in depth

Master the cloud journey - converged cloud workshop

Try your cloud for size

The business case for cloud is often prepared in parallel with the cloud ‘proof of concept', or pilot.

This is where we demonstrate the capabilities and performance of the infrastructure and your existing applications within a cloud environment, to ensure they can be easily adopted.

The HP proof-of-concept programme is a productive and secure way to evaluate computing services in a real-life cloud environment. During this short-term evaluation period, you can provision and configure virtual machines through a convenient self-service web portal.

You're also able to test features and develop strategies for deploying core applications to the service.

Have the future today, your way

When you're ready to adopt your cloud solution, the next stage is to transform from your current environment by standardising, consolidating and modernising existing applications so that they are ready for the move to cloud.

Using tried-and-tested services from our portfolio, we'll help you to consolidate and rationalise existing data centres. As resources are put to better use, you should realise greater business value and cost savings - transforming you from a business with a focus on operations, to one focused on innovation and long-term growth.

At the same time, we'll help you ensure data security and compliance are maintained for the data and applications that are being moved to the cloud. Your cloud solution will then be configured for scalable private and public cloud solutions, optimised for your applications through our hybrid delivery model.

Moving to the cloud undoubtedly needs careful management. It's therefore reassuring to know that HP has decades of experience in delivering and managing service-oriented enterprise solutions for clients across the word.

Take applications to the cloud