Introduction to the cloud

The myths surrounding the cloud make it easy to dismiss the technology as a ‘step too far' for your business

But cloud computing is fundamentally changing the IT landscape. By giving you capacity as and when you need it and as an operating cost rather that capital expenditure, it offers a host of real benefits to address real business challenges. Competitive advantages like greater efficiency, flexibility and agility. In fact all the ingredients you need to increase market share, retain and attract new customers and drive long-term growth.

Every decade, technology development and delivery undergoes a tectonic shift that changes the way IT is consumed and the value it can bring – transforming what's possible and creating a myriad of new opportunities for innovation. And shrewd business leaders are seizing every opportunity to free-up management time to focus more on innovation to drive profitability and growth.

Cloud computing, together with technologies like big data and mobility, in what we call the new style of IT, is transforming how you can build your infrastructure, develop applications and deliver information. As the pace of change accelerates, IT is becoming the most significant business enabler for dynamic, forward-looking companies who are looking to create newer, better services and solutions with greater agility and at lower cost.

Our collaborative approach ensures a safe way of evolving to the cloud. And you can operate safe in the knowledge that our, data centres, technologies and experience of running large-scale cloud environments mean we can service and support you wherever you are.