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    What is the HP Renew Program?


    HP Renew offers an extensive portfolio of refurbished HP computing products. Offering the same reliability and performance as new HP products, but for a significant lower price than the equivalent new product, it is the perfect high quality alternative if you have a limited IT budget.


    What products are included in the HP Renew Program?


    All HP computing products from the current or past portfolios are candidates for the HP Renew program.


    Where do HP Renew refurbished products come from?


    Refurbished products come from various sources, for example, from channel returns, cancelled orders or end of life excess. They are put through a rigorous refurbishment and testing process to bring them back to "same as new" in terms of functional quality and performance. HP Renew products are not to be confused with "used" or "second-hand" products.


    How is an HP Renew product refurbished?


    HP Renew products undergo comprehensive HP refurbishment and testing processes to completely restore them to meet HP's very stringent functional quality standards. With HP Renew products, customers can rest assured knowing they are getting the same high functional quality and performance that is expected from new HP products.


    How are HP Renew products different from other refurbished products?


    The distinction is not always obvious. HP Renew products are fully backed by HP base warranty, and have been refurbished to be functionally equivalent to new product standards.

    HP Renew products can be recognised by the addition of an "R" to the HP product number. For example, if the new product number is A1234A, the equivalent HP Renew product number will be A1234AR.

    They carry the same base warranty as new HP products.


    What type of warranty comes with HP Renew products?


    HP Renew products are backed by the original HP base warranty. In other words, there is no difference between the base warranty offered for a new HP product and the equivalent HP Renew product. The warranty of the HP Renew product starts with the date of purchase and refreshes the original warranty. It is important to note that this is not a remaining warranty policy.


    How do you guarantee data security on HP Renew products?


    Since products in the HP Renew portfolio are returned to HP from various sources, there are often concerns about data being removed before the products are resold. As part of the rigorous refurbishment process all HP Renew products go through, all returned drives are reformatted and retested. During this process every drive is wiped clean of any data and every disk is separately overwritten. The process is based on methods described in the National Industrial Security Program Operation Manual (US DoD 5220.22-M) of the U.S. Department of Defense, so you can be assured the most stringent standards are implemented.


    What is the typical testing period for products during the refurbishment process?


    Depending of the complexity of the product, the testing duration may vary from hours to days. Each unit follows the original factory testing conditions combined with the HP Renew refurbishing processes to ensure it meets HP certified quality standards.


    Who is eligible to buy HP Renew products?


    HP does not sell HP Renew products directly to the end-users. A limited number of Resellers are appointed in most of the EMEA countries. Please fill in the contact form to know where to find HP Renew products in your country.


    Who do I contact at HP Renew if I need assistance?


    The HP Renew program is only available in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) . Please fill out the contact form to get further assistance in EMEA.

    If you are interested in 'Servers, Storage or Networking' products from Hewlett Packard Enterprise's 'HPE Renew' program please visit the HPE Renew web site.

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