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Enable SureSupply for my printer

Who can I purchase supplies through?

To buy printer supplies like HP inkjet or toner cartridges through SureSupply, you can purchase in-store or online through any participating SureSupply retailer or from the HP Home and Home Office Store.

What is SureSupply?

SureSupply is a free and easy tool from HP that proactively manages your printing supplies on SureSupply-enabled HP printers. It alerts you automatically when you are running low on printer supplies like ink or toner cartridges. To make ordering easy, SureSupply then gives you direct access to your preferred retailer's website where the required supplies are pre-selected in your online shopping cart ready for checkout.

Does SureSupply tell you when your non-HP printers are running low on ink or toner?

No. SureSupply is a Hewlett-Packard solution that is only available on SureSupply-enabled HP printers

I am worried about the internet and my privacy. Should I be concerned about using HP SureSupply?

HP values your privacy. HP SureSupply is designed to make it easy and convenient to buy genuine HP supplies without requiring any personal information. You control how and when you share personal information.

HP SureSupply obtains product information from your printer to provide you with the best possible ordering experience. This information ensures you are presented with a correct list of the cartridges for your specific printer. This information is limited to: printer model number, serial number, estimated amount remaining in installed supplies, language/country setting, and general usage information (number of pages printed, page size, color/mono pages). This information is used to ensure the correct supplies are ordered, to save your preferences for the next time you visit the SureSupply website, and to assist HP with future product development.

Before any product information is sent, you will be asked whether you agree to share this information. If you choose not to share information from your printer, you can still use HP SureSupply by identifying and manually entering information like your printer model number and the country in which you live. This information allows HP SureSupply to select the correct supplies for your printer and links you to the purchase options available where you live.

Will cartridges that work with SureSupply enabled printers cost more than previous HP cartridges?

No. All HP printer cartridges - including laser, inkjet, and toner cartridges - are designed to work with SureSupply at no extra cost to the customer. HP is constantly striving to enhance the total printing experience while maintaining the same price customers are used to paying when they buy printing supplies.