Don’t let printer maintenance cost you the office ping-pong table

20/05/20173 Minute Read

The office has come a long way since the days of vast cubicle farms decorated with family photos secured with thumb tacks. Today, personal robots and ping-pong tables are all the rage, and though creative office designs and toys have been shown to boost morale, these perks don’t come free.

Worse still, when budgets get tightened, it’s the office amenities that often get cut first. With that in mind, here some helpful tips to convince your colleagues that managed print services may provide the savings they seek.

MPS can save money

Take a quick inventory of your office environment. How many printers do you see? How many people do you notice managing those printers on a regular basis? If the answer to either of those questions is “at least one,” managed print services should be a cost-saving technique on your radar. Beyond that, document production costs some companies around three percent in revenue a year, which is a huge expense.

A closer look at the business value of MPS should arm you with all the ammunition necessary—especially the stat showing that businesses save around 30 percent with MPS. Case-in-point is the fact that the flat monthly fee of a managed service will (in most cases) be decidedly cheaper than the salary of a dedicated technician. Even if your office doesn’t have a dedicated print manager, freeing up your IT team to focus on other important projects is a cost saving in itself.

The cost of maintaining, repairing, and supplying printer infrastructure adds up to 75 percent of the total cost of printing. According to Payscale, the world’s largest online database of salary profiles, computer systems administrators earn a salary of £25,630 annually. Staff on this sort of salary surely have better things to do than manage your printers. Free them up so they can work on strategic initiatives that are more valuable to the company.

Streamlining the inefficient

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of corralling a fleet of printers in a large office, you know that there’s maintenance involved. From low toner warning to security issues, your fleet requires a watchful eye.

“Networked printers can no longer be overlooked in the wake of weakening firewalls to the growing sophistication and volume of cyber attacks,” – Ed Wingate, VP & GM, JetAdvantage Solutions, HP Inc.

Managed print services—at least those worth their weight—provide a wide range of services to make sure your print infrastructure is humming along. With a direct link to monitoring agents, printing inefficiencies like connection troubles, low ink levels, and even employee training can be quickly (and cost-effectively) addressed.

Trimming costs around the office usually involves taking a comprehensive look at all business processes. Using a similarly in-depth strategy, managed print services can shave office costs by applying the right knowledge to the right problem.

When it comes time to upgrade or expand your fleet, managed print services will be there with the expertise to provide a seamless transition. These services can also provide expert advice at deploying secure printing strategies to protect your office’s vital resources.

It’s tough to put a price on security, but you might just be able to keep the ping-pong table if you clearly explain the benefits of going with a managed service.

If all else fails, it often helps to put things into perspective. As noted above, document production can cost companies upwards of three percent of their annual revenue. If someone’s looking to cut costs, employing a 24/7 service to make sure that number stays as low as possible seems like a no-brainer.

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