Making the case for colour printing

23/01/20183 Minute Read

Getting people to notice your media is tricky—and getting people to notice your print media is even trickier. Using colour printing is a tried and true way for small businesses to accomplish that. But is the benefit worth the added cost?

In today’s digital world, colour printing plays a powerful role in driving the effectiveness and appeal of communications. This translates directly into print media, where colour documents are far more well-received than their monochrome counterparts. Colour printing for the small business provides a sentiment of class and professionalism, and shows that you feel the recipient is “worth” getting the colour treatment.

Four times the appeal

HP recently investigated the preferences surrounding colour documents, finding that the customers of surveyed organisations are nearly four times as likely to rate a document as “very appealing” if it’s in colour, and more than three times as likely to feel like the document captures their attention.

SMBs who regularly rely on printing to create documents or marketing and sales materials for their clients, suppliers, vendors, partners, or employees are aware of the benefits from printing all public-facing media in colour. But the study also found that for non-marketing materials like bills or statements, colour doesn’t have a huge impact on their perception. Since they’re limited-information documents, people already expect to use them in their day-to-day work.

Colour printing for the small business, even for internal use, is another way to add an extra layer of information to your content. Colour-coded graphs and tables, imagery, and partitioning of the page itself can drastically separate a colour image from a large block of text.

But what about the cost?

When you’re about to print in colour, do you stop to think about preserving ink? As one of the most expensive components of a printer, preserving ink is common, but the HP study found that cost is rarely a major factor in deciding whether or not to print in colour.

Thirty-two percent of businesses agree that a decrease in the cost per page of colour documents would encourage them to print more in colour instead of monochrome. So, why not invest in a printer that can minimise the cost per page so drastically that you’ll be printing everything in colour? Today’s colour printing innovations allow users the benefit of saving 40 percent on colour.

Colour printing for the small business

When it comes to company image, you need all systems working to keep up an esteemed reputation. The colours used in the company’s logo, public imagery, and print and digital media are all part of the brand’s personality.

Of the surveyed respondents, 44 percent feel strongly that the use of colour in public-facing materials improves the perception of their brand, while 41 percent felt that the imagery they use has a substantial enough impact on their customer’s perception of their brand or company to outweigh the cost per page of a colour document.

Technology has come a long way since the introduction of the traditional office printer, and now excellent quality can be attained with very little effort (and budget). So, what’s stopping you?

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