Is IT automation the superpower your team needs?

21/06/20183 Minute Read

For many IT departments, managing devices and environments, keeping track of updates, and patching for security holes on a frequent basis are not easy or quick tasks, especially with technology changing and becoming more complex every day. As the IT manager or decision-maker for your organisation, you probably wish you could swoop in like an IT hero and save the day, but that’s hard to do when you don’t have any cool superpowers. Or do you?

Don’t waste time thinking about the impossible—all you need is a superpowered solution, like IT automation, to help your team manage the growing pile of devices flooding the workplace.

Fend off IT’s worst nightmares with IT automation

Though mobility comes with a slew of benefits, it means more devices connected to your network. To IT pros everywhere, more devices equals more entry points and potential vulnerabilities to manage and mitigate across more operating systems and more users. Talk about a nightmare. It’s hardly any wonder many IT pros can’t sleep well at night—in fact, around 44 percent don’t feel confident in their ability to assimilate, harness, and profit from new technology.

But with IT automation backing you up as a sidekick, you won’t have to fight this nightmarish battle alone. If you team up with a device management solution, like HP’s Device as a Service (DaaS) programme, you can manage your tech and optimise it across the board. Just think what you and your team could accomplish when both the day-to-day tasks and the long-term lifecycle elements of IT are automatically taken care of.

Suddenly, managing your device fleet doesn’t seem so hard anymore, does it? By combining forces with a DaaS partner and implementing IT automation, you can become the superhero your organisation needs. Your team won’t have to worry about those daily device check-ins—instead, they can focus on more strategic IT initiatives and provide new value to the business’s bottom line. In other words, IT can steer the company toward cutting-edge innovation and total digital transformation.

Focus your IT talent on moving forward

Instead of tracking and monitoring each device’s every move, you can sit down with your DaaS partner and optimise your IT ecosystem. Systems can then install updates and patches automatically, so you can work on new projects and solve bigger problems. You can direct your talent—and the talent of your entire team—toward moving the business into the future. Holistically, technology exists so you don’t have to solve every minute problem—just the problems that matter. If you already know what you need to do to keep your ecosystem safe and secure, automate it. With automatic systems running in the background, your tech will move faster and more efficiently, while you and your team do the novel things.

That said, IT automation can’t solve every issue. For instance, it can’t create a culture of accountability or make the business case for one tool over another. It can’t provide strategic direction—although it certainly can inform it. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those things underlying many organisations’ inability to keep up with technology. But there’s good news: That’s why your business needs you.

As technology becomes more integrated at work and home, the importance of having good IT professionals who can bridge the gap between tech and its users cannot be understated. Coping with change in an evolving digital landscape is a challenge all companies face, and one only you and your team can help them through. And that’s the true benefit of IT automation: The little things get taken care of so you don’t have to worry—instead, you can focus on guiding your company to the next big thing.

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