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Josh Folland

Josh Folland

Josh is eGeek' Consulting's content manager. On top of managing social media outlets, he creates content of all flavors, shapes, and sizes. Tutorial videos, blogs and articles, promotional videos and flyers. Live and animated content is his specialty. His voice has been praised for its made-for-radio qualities, and he's got a knack for combining his natural talents with industry knowledge to create valuable and beneficial content for the community. His work can be found on many company sites, as well as TheRegister.co.uk and WeBreakTech.com, covering instructional how-to's for a company's product, opinion pieces, reviews, and more.

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23/01/2018 | 3 Minute Read

Making the case for colour printing

Using colour printing is a tried and true way to get your business noticed. But is the benefit worth the added cost? We find out here:

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