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Tektonika Staff 28/06/2018 5 Minute Read

Balance your IT budget with Device as a Service

Did you know the average employee uses three or more devices every day for work-related activities? According to Citrix, the number of devices managed...

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Lydia Dishman 24/05/2018 4 Minute Read

Revamp the way your office works with innovative technology

Tech wearables are popping up in the workplace, reinventing and enhancing office culture and productivity forever.

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Joe Hewitson 10/05/2018 4 Minute Read

Solve workplace collaboration with the right business tools

If your organisation employs more than one human, chances are teamwork is a critical part of the daily routine.

Jasmine W. Gordon 24/04/2018 5 Minute Read

How far has digital innovation in AI come?

From robot babies to AI language, we take a look at the journey of AI and digital innovation.

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Tektonika Staff 24/04/2018 4 Minute Read

Get excited for IT sustainability and printer recycling

Picture this: You're the last one still at the office, when suddenly, you feel a gust of air that sends a chill down your spine...

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Josh Folland 23/01/2018 3 Minute Read

Making the case for colour printing

Using colour printing is a tried and true way to get your business noticed. But is the benefit worth the added cost? We find out here:

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Tektonika Staff 11/01/2018 4 Minute Read

How IT Time Lords are regenerating their leadership skills

There's no doubt about it: Tech moves fast. But how do we as tech professional keep up with it?

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