HP Z VR Backpack G2 Workstation 6TV13EA
NVIDIA GeForce™ graphics paired with Intel® Core™ processors let you fly through VR work. And with ISV-certification for demanding apps like VRED® and Revit®, workflow integration is seamless.
We've optimized the design of our wearable PC for comfort and simplicity. With improved ergonomics, battery management and ease of movement, this is free-roam VR made easy.
Accelerate VR work. Dock for desktop-quality development. Throw on the backpack for quick reviews and iteration. Host fully immersive end-user experiences. All with one hybrid PC.

Accelerate your VR work with this powerful hybrid PC. Dock for the full desktop PC experience to complete detailed design work. Untether to iterate at pace in free-roam review sessions and host fully immersive experiences.