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You only need one

You only need one

February 2015

Frequent traveling, remote workers, and constant mobility are now the norm for most businesses. The key to making it work is enabling easy collaboration and seamless connections to keep everyone working together and on the same page.
Easier said than done, you say? Not so fast. You might be surprised to learn that you can achieve efficient connectivity with a single purchase: An HP Z Workstation with Remote Graphics Software (RGS).
Here’s how purchasing one workstation can impact your entire business:
Share the mobility
Working remotely—whether onsite, from home, or while traveling—often means dealing with inconveniences like delayed connections or the limited capabilities of a notebook or tablet. But if your office has an HP Z Workstation with RGS, employees can bring that computing power with them on the road. With RGS, they can connect their mobile devices to the more powerful servers and workstations back at the office. What does this mean? Instant collaboration, faster decisions, and better communication—even on a tablet.
Share the screen
Another major benefit of RGS is the ability to share your workstation screen with multiple users simultaneously. Grant view-only access for presentations or switch to full interactive access to easily work with employees in other locations. This kind of real-time collaboration means that quick discussions, formal meetings, and important decisions can all be accomplished with the same efficiency as if all employees involved were sitting in the same room—even if they are (literally) a world apart. 
Share the power
With RGS, you can essentially upgrade the computing power of your entire office with the purchase of a single workstation. Since you can consolidate the workstation power to the server room and allow employees to connect in from their own computers, everyone will be able to benefit from professional workstation-class applications and efficiency.
Share the benefits
Thanks to RGS, all of the “bells and whistles” of a professional workstation can be available to remote users. Here are a few examples:

  • HP Velocity—This separate software solution helps you get the best possible remote experience, even when using poor network connections.
  • High-quality image—High-performance compression enables real-time visualization for graphic-heavy applications.
  • Windows and Linux® access—Enjoy support for both of these desktop environments.
  • Application independence—RGS sends pixels, not data, so it works no matter what application you’re using. And since proprietary data doesn’t live on your device, it will remain secure in the event of loss or theft.
  • No extra hardware—RGS is a software-only solution, so you can deploy it without additional infrastructure costs. Plus, it’s included on all HP Personal Workstations.

Share the success
Many organizations are already enjoying the perks of HP Workstations with RGS. Students in The College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Northridge enjoy increased access to workstations and shared sessions that allow them to work collaboratively, even from separate locations. And Environmental Systems Design, a global architectural engineering firm, uses HP Workstations to communicate in real-time and easily transition to and from all of the different models, platforms, and engines they use.
Start collaborating with your team today
The best thing about RGS is that it comes free and preloaded on HP desktop and mobile Z Workstations.
Not quite ready to make a workstation purchase? You can also purchase RGS for other HP and non-HP systems here.
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