HP and Capella Technologies FormPort Suite transforms raw data into customized professional-looking documents that can be easily distributed and printed to your HP LaserJet printers and MFPs. Data from your business applications is automatically populated into forms generated on HP LaserJet MFPs and printers, then delivered as finished documents through methods you choose—from email to fax to remote printing your secure network. As your needs change, you can also upgrade or modify business forms, using FormPort Designer.

    With this highly customizable solution, your organization can:
  • Increase the accuracy and appearance of your forms by printing laser quality on plain paper using your HP LaserJet MFPs and printers
  • Reduce the need for dedicated printers and preprinted forms
  • Streamline distribution by electronically delivering materials to vendors and customers
  • Easily and inexpensively automate the archiving of forms as needed and change forms as your business requirements evolve

Why HP?

HP partners with highly qualified solution providers to add versatility and capability to the industry’s largest imaging and printing portfolio. HP has the expertise to identify and integrate innovative solutions—for companies of any size—to help meet their complex business needs. As a global technology leader, HP offers financial stability and scale to improve IT value, enabling customers in major industries to become more cost-effective, efficient, secure, and sustainable.

How it works?

HP and Capella Technologies takes web data and raw data that streams from your business applications, automatically populates forms generated on HP devices, and distributes dynamic documents via email, fax, archive, PDF, and remote printing from your secure network.

Transform raw data into customized documents.