The JetAdvantage Partner Program

The HP JetAdvantage Partner Program provides customers with unprecedented access to innovative imaging and printing solutions. HP partners with highly qualified solution providers add versatility and capability to the industry’s largest imaging and printing hardware, software and services portfolio.

As a global technology leader, HP JetAdvantage provides the expertise to identify and integrate the best solutions to meet your business requirements, and help resolve important issues. In addition to a full portfolio of solutions, HP JetAdvantage offers financial stability and scale to improve IT value and assist customers in every major industry.

HP JetAdvantage Solutions and our partners help you solve business problems by:

  • Optimizing your infrastructure
  • Managing your environment
  • Improving document workflow

HP Open Extensibility Platform (OXP)

HP Open Extensibility Platform (OXP) technology is an HP JetAdvantage Management Solution, which delivers:

  • A consistent user experience across a wide variety of HP devices
  • Workflow customization
  • Investment protection

With powerful, web-based HP Web Jetadmin print management, your company can also easily install, configure, and manage solutions deployed across your entire printer fleet at one time.

HP Accreditation, Certification and Test (ACT) program

HP Accreditation, Certification and Test (ACT) program works to ensure development of the highest quality Partner solutions that will integrate well with HP software and devices. Solutions successfully passing the ACT quality review will receive an insignia showing this quality stamp. HP recommends using the most recent software and firmware updates available and reviewing solution and device requirements specific to your printing needs. Please contact an HP Solution specialist for more information.