Streamline document-intensive processes and turn information into assets

The HP and LRS Output Management Solution establishes a scalable, full-featured printing architecture to manage valuable business documents. Ensure the consistent delivery of documents, easily manage output, and scale capabilities as your organization grows. This job-accounting solution acts as a central point of management and control for your printing and imaging environment.

Rooted in the proven performance of LRS VPSX software, the HP and LRS Output Management Solution helps you get maximum value from your printing and imaging devices while also preventing costly business disruptions. With a number of optional extension products designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of organizations, this solution minimizes the price and complexity of business printing.

By using the HP and LRS Output Management Solution, your organization can:

Centralize document collection, storage, control, and delivery

  • Capture documents and information, and easily encrypt and compress content.
  • Seamlessly send and store documents for reprinting, archiving, searching, and retrieving.
  • Manage, redirect, and delete print jobs, and monitor the overall health of your print environment.
  • Route documents right where they need to be, and establish automatic redirection to minimize business impact.

Make document data work harder and smarter for your business

  • Track more than 260 attributes related to document origin, destination, size, and more.
  • Leverage captured information and use it to calculate recovery and chargeback costs.
  • Optimize your print environment by ensuring the right devices are used for the right jobs.
  • Protect valuable information assets by tracking unauthorized access, misuse, and waste.

Repurpose document information to support critical workflows

  • Convert application-specific data streams into printer-ready formats.
  • Analyze, separate, classify, modify, and transform documents from different origins into consistent, ready-to-use forms.
  • Automate the retrieval, sequencing, and bundling of documents to eliminate manual processing.

Extend capabilities with proven business application interfaces

  • Partner with leading software provides to combine useful and innovative applications with the HP and LRS Output Management Solution.
  • Ensure all devices are equipped with necessary fonts to meet international printing needs.
  • Improve document security and mobile with intuitive pull-printing solutions.
  • Simplify printing from virtual desktops by seamlessly associating printers with a given terminal, user ID, or both.
  • Import, index, and store vital content for compliance and business continuity.