HP and TROY check printing offers a cost-effective way to help organizations prevent check fraud. HP and TROY check printing embeds fraud prevention technologies to increase security, control access to check printers, and enable secure check printing on blank check paper stock.

    HP and TROY check printing helps you:
  • Reduce risk and costs by preventing theft and fraud
  • Securely print checks and disburse when you need them
  • Precisely adjust the MICR line in checks, without affecting the data file, to avoid bank rejections
  • Aid in compliance mandates
  • Increase operation efficiency and reduce cost

With proven security enhancements for most HP LaserJet black-and-white printers, HP and TROY check printing offers a host of features and solutions to help combat fraud and ensure your check printing environment is more secure.

HP and TROY MICR printers enable organizations to print checks securely on blank check paper stock and use intuitive features—including MICR toner sensing, key locks, paper tray locks, and paper tray shielding—that help assure quality, prevent theft of check stock, and control access to the printer.

HP and TROY MICR Toner helps organizations further deter fraudulent activity with a patented fraud prevention feature that reveals a red stain to highlight potential chemical alterations. Plus, with MICR toner sensing, check printing is prohibited when a standard toner cartridge is installed in the printer. Working together with MICR Toner sensing, TROY MICR cartridges deliver consistent quality and help organizations avoid expensive bank clearing reject charges.

    Fraud prevention technologies
    HP and TROY check printing offers fraud prevention technologies for an added layer of security.
  • TROYmark Intelligent Anti-Tampering Technology provides user-defined variable data that is printed diagonally across each check to deter alteration.
  • Custom signatures, company logos, and security fonts can be added to the password-protected printer memory in order to help prevent counterfeiting and improve the efficiency of check production.
  • Disable jam recovery overrides the standard copy count and paper jam recovery settings to help organizations prevent intentional jams that could lead to duplicate printing.
  • TROY exPT Exact Positioning Technology, a quality assurance feature, allows precise adjustment of a page or MICR line to meet banking standards without affecting the actual data file.
  • TROY-designed MICR fonts for each HP LaserJet printer are loaded into password-protected printer memory—a standard feature to meet bank-clearing requirements.

HP Web Jetadmin is compatible with selected enterprise-class HP and TROY MICR printers to help proactively manage devices in your imaging and printing environment. Plus, HP and TROY check printing offers upgrade kits to add enhanced security features and high-quality check printing capabilities to legacy HP LaserJet printers.

Why HP?

HP partners with highly qualified solution providers to add versatility and capability to the industry’s largest imaging and printing portfolio. HP has the expertise to identify and integrate innovative solutions—for companies of any size—to help meet their complex business needs. As a global technology leader, HP offers financial stability and scale to improve IT value, enabling customers in major industries to become more cost-effective, efficient, secure, and sustainable.

How it works?

HP and TROY check printing is a cost-effective way to enhance security by embedding fraud prevention technologies in checks, and by helping you control access to the device. With MICR printers, fonts, toner, custom signatures, and a host of fraud-prevention features, preventing fraud and counterfeiting is much easier.

Check printing security and check fraud prevention solutions.