HP and TROY prescription printing helps organizations prevent prescription fraud while saving money. HP and TROY prescription printing solutions embed security features into prescription print files—avoiding the need for expensive preprinted paper.

    Healthcare professionals can count on HP and TROY to help them:
  • Adhere with compliance mandates requiring improved security measures for prescriptions
  • Reduce costs by offering an alternative to preprinted prescription paper
  • Reduce risk and costs by preventing theft and fraud
  • Increase staff and workflow efficiency

HP and TROY prescription printing uses a host of security solutions and features to help organizations combat counterfeiting and protect prescription printing processes.

HP and TROY Prescription1 and security printers are equipped with robust security software and hardware features that meet the prescription printing regulations and standards of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Powered by HP LaserJet P3015 series and Enterprise 600 series printers, prescription printers are a practical and cost-conscious alternative to preprinted prescription pads and security paper, helping to prevent unauthorized copying, modification, and counterfeiting of prescriptions. Plus, they can be used to print both secure prescriptions and non-secure documents, eliminating the need for multiple devices.

For situations that require the use of preprinted prescription paper, HP and TROY prescription printing provides security printers with intuitive hardware features—including paper tray locks and shielding—that can help control access to preprinted prescription security paper and prevent unauthorized removal.

HP and TROY Secure Document Printing solution delivers the same features as HP and TROY SecureRx printers through a server-based offering, embedding fraud prevention features that are mandated by federal regulations into printed prescription print files.

    Fraud prevention technologies
    HP and TROY prescription printing offers fraud prevention technologies for an added layer of security.
  • TROYmark Intelligent Anti-Tampering Technology is a state-of-the-art watermark solution that provides user-defined variable data that’s printed diagonally across each prescription. This pharmacy-friendly authentication feature helps deter prescription alteration.
  • The embedded copy-evident pantograph feature reveals a special pattern when unauthorized copying or scanning occurs.
  • The included MicroPrint feature provides a secondary document authentication feature when magnified.

HP and TROY prescription printing also offers upgrade kits to enable prescription security features on selected legacy HP LaserJet printers.

Security Toner helps organizations further combat fraudulent activity with a patented fraud prevention technology feature that reveals a red stain to highlight potential chemical alterations.

Why HP?

HP partners with highly qualified solution providers to add versatility and capability to the industry’s largest imaging and printing portfolio. HP has the expertise to identify and integrate innovative solutions—for companies of any size—to help meet their complex business needs. As a global technology leader, HP offers financial stability and scale to improve IT value, enabling customers in major industries to become more cost-effective, efficient, secure, and sustainable.

How it works?

Fraud prevention technologies are added at the printer or embedded into files on the server before they’re routed to a printer, so organizations can print prescriptions on plain paper rather than expensive, preprinted forms.

Fraud prevention for prescription printing.

1Available in the United States only.