A World of Flexible Solutions

Risks can turn to your advantage with HP as your global delivery partner. With HP’s global services delivery strategy, Best Shore, you gain the advantage of a global infrastructure and balanced global footprint. This helps minimize risk and provide benefits far beyond just cost reductions.

HP has more than 200,000 services professionals operating from 170 countries. And, a portfolio that delivers global services across applications, infrastructure and business processes – as well as industry-specific solutions. These robust resources provide flexible options to ensure a good fit to your organization.

Leverage these advantages and gain these benefits:

Leverage HP’s experience:

  • Manage costs and quality – consistent processes, tools, standards
  • Mitigate risk – security, privacy and business continuity best practices
  • Increase productivity – global infrastructure, workforce

Find the flexibility you need:

  • Collaborate to craft a unique global solution
  • Add and integrate solutions, services
  • Consider industry solutions or a broad range of Applications, ITO and BPO services

Reduce costs and increase speed:

  • Increase efficiency with innovative technologies, services
  • Find savings in our global footprint and workforce
  • Accelerate projects, improve productivity through follow-the-sun capabilities

Experience and Investments

Whether you have extensive experience in managing global sourcing arrangements or you are just beginning to explore the options, your confidence matters.

Risk Management: A Core Competency
HP delivery centers are strategically chosen for optimal business continuity and maximum flexibility to meet your unique global delivery needs. With locations in dozens of countries around the world, we have the experience to ensure your compliance with country-specific and cross-border trade laws. Standard security, data privacy and business continuity practices are applied to every delivery center. This helps your business continue running in the face of a crisis or catastrophe.

Investments for Higher Value, Better Quality
HP service delivery centers are built with world class infrastructure and are connected by a robust network. This provides quality service levels and business continuity best practices. Many of HP’s global delivery centers were the first to achieve certification in a country or region. Currently HP has one of the broadest certification footprints in the industry.

Experience Doesn’t Mean Expensive
We support hundreds of less complex projects by simplifying and streamlining. The key is to balance the management of services, costs and benefits with no surprises. HP’s value is measured against your business-oriented outcomes.

Flexibility and Client Relationships

A flexible, yet confident, global service provider like HP can help you support growth and find new levels of agility. All while managing your costs. A scalable global workforce provides a range of flexible solutions from cost-advantaged locations. By partnering with you, we can design global solutions that achieve specific business outcomes.

Finding the Right Fit
HP’s globally diverse business culture offers a variety of languages, skills and time zones to meet your unique needs. Combined with our industry expertise and broad array of capabilities we will formulate a solution that not only reduces your costs, but adds value to your business.

When You Need More
An HP Best Shore strategy places one of the broadest IT and business services portfolio in the world at your fingertips. You can also obtain vertical industry solutions that leverage the Best Shore strategy to drive down costs and enhance growth. By leveraging the industry expertise across HP, these solutions deliver competitive advantage and business outcomes that matter.

Partner With a Trusted Leader
CIOs and IT managers across industries and government agencies have turned to HP for many of their IT needs, including hardware, software and services. Collaborative relationships have always been and will always be the key to success.

Technology and Innovation

The HP service portfolio spans Applications, ITO and BPO and leverages the HP Best Shore strategy for cost advantages and speed. No need to re-invent the wheel. HP Best Shore choices offer faster time to implementation and streamlined operations. You can also leverage follow-the-sun capabilities to speed your development project through its paces and help your business grow faster.


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