The HP Check Printing Security Solution offers a cost-effective way to help financial organizations prevent check fraud. By embedding fraud prevention technologies to control access to check printers and enable secure check printing on blank check paper stock, we can help you secure access to your check funds.

HP can help you…

  • Reduce risk and costs by preventing theft and fraud
  • Securely print checks and disburse when you need them
  • Precisely adjust the MICR line in checks, without affecting the data file, to avoid bank rejections
  • Aid in compliance mandates
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce cost

How does it work?

Print checks securely on blank check paper stock, using MICR-enabled
printers with intuitive features

MICR secure toner features a patented security agent to deter check fraud

Use fraud prevention
technologies for an added
layer of security such as tray locks, tray-back shielding, and watermarks