The momentum around Azure is building, and Microsoft is supporting this growth by expanding its offer under all aspects:

Geo expansion

On May 28, 2014 Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure in Brazil South Region. This follows the launch in Japan in February, and China in March.

Additional Features

Azure customers can now run SAP applications on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. Azure is certified for SAP products including SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP HANA Developer Edition. Effective immediately, customers can run these SAP products on Azure with full support available from both Microsoft and SAP.

This solution allows customers to use their existing SAP licenses to deploy the software to Azure.

Azure available via Open programs

Partners were ready for this announcement to come at WPC in July, but Microsoft decided to publish the news on May 21, on Josh Waldo’s blog.

Before the availability of Azure under Open programs, the only two vehicles that allowed customers to purchase Azure were the Microsoft Online Services Program, accessed by purchasing directly on the Azure website, and the Enterprise Agreement, a three-year agreement requiring company-wide commitment for some products.

Open programs are designed for SMBs, and they include:

  • Open Licensing, a fully transactional, pay-as-you-go program.

  • Open Value, a program that allows for standardization across your enterprise, and includes Software Assurance as standard.

  • Open Value Subscription, the non-perpetual license option with minimum initial outlay.

Under Open Licensing, customers can purchase a 12-month monetary commitment in $100 increments, giving the customer credits to use against any Azure service* via an Online Service Activation (OSA) key. The available credits can be “topped up” any time if the customer needs to use additional Azure resources.

* Azure in Open monetary credits can be applied towards any Azure Service that is eligible for Monetary Commitments, when purchased online. Services such as Azure RMS, Azure Active Directory Premium that are not eligible for monetary commitments cannot be procured using Azure in Open.

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