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Training Services

Benefit - what we offer
Training development and delivery services

Based on our training portfolio and a variety of training methodologies, we consult with our clients to develop and deliver the training program that best suits their users training requirements.

Training portfolio

Standard: Courses with generic system platform content; available as self-paced & voiced-over online trainings;

Premium: Courses with generic system platform content; available as self-paced & voiced-over online trainings and as instructor-led virtual live training sessions;

Custom: Courses with customer-tailored system platform content; available as self-paced & voiced-over online trainings;

Supplementary Training Documentation: Written documents like quick reference guides, end user guides, administrator guides.

Available Trainings

Standard & Premium Creative Express Training Services

Standard, Premium & Custom SPS Training Services

Hiflex Print MIS Software & Hiflex Webshop Trainings

Supplementary Training Documentation

LDAP & Content Management

Standard, Premium & Custom SMS Training Services

Training localization

In order to ensure an optimized learning experience and success, we offer a broad range of localization services and language coverage.

  • German, French, English, Canadian French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Dutch
  • Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish
  • Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovakian, Romanian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian
  • Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  • Arabic, Hebrew, Quechua
Training topic English Language options as per below defined localization scope
Standard & Premium Training Services X X
Custom Training Services   X
Hiflex Trainings X German only
LDAP & Content Management X  
Supplementary Training Documentation X X

Course program
plus minus
Training methodologies

Defining the most appropriate training methodology for our customers is one of our critical success factors. Out of a full range of training methodologies – from self-paced e-learning to instructor-led classroom courses – our customers can select their best fitting methods.

Self-paced online trainings

Accessible via Internet; users conduct such a course on their own and can start, stop and pause it at any time.

Instructor-led virtual live training sessions

Users get a dedicated invite and need to dial-in through a phone conference line and HP Virtual Classroom. These courses are led by a dedicated instructor.

Video clips & sequences

X-minutes training videos that users can run on their own. Accessible via Internet.

Face2Face classroom trainings

These courses take place in a classroom and are led by an instructor. Dedicated invites are sent to users.

Supplementary training documentation

Documents like reference guides, user guides etc. that users can read on their own.