The power of HP Converged Infrastructure is here.

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“Cloud Master”?

Scale IT performance with stunning efficiency. Deliver new applications and services in minutes instead of months. The result is an enterprise made more dynamic, flexible, and cost-efficient than ever before.

But with all the potential of the cloud comes the need for centralized management, hands-on control over service levels, and tight security. HP can show you how to master the cloud with the power of convergence.

HP Converged Cloud is the industry’s first hybrid delivery approach based on open standards to enable you to build, manage, secure, and consume cloud services over private, managed, and public clouds, along with traditional IT.

Lay a secure, high-performance foundation with proven HP solutions and best practices from the Intel® Cloud Builders initiative.

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Bring it together with HP Converged Cloud

Dave Donatelli explains how HP Converged Cloud solutions and hybrid cloud delivery truly differentiate the HP cloud approach from anything else on the market.

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