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for US Educators

Borrowing HP Prime graphing calculators and the HP Prime Wireless Kit allows you to explore our products and educate others in the math community. You may borrow a set of 4-10 units with or without the Wireless modules for a workshop or for evaluations.

Please fill out the form below at least 30 days before your workshop/evaluation to let us know your preferences. Fields with red * are required to submit the form. HP will use your phone number and postal address only to manage the loan program. HP will use your email address to solicit your feedback about the program. In addition, HP may use your email address to send promotional information, if you request it. Once submitted one of our Experience Prime coordinators will contact you.

If you have any questions regarding your submission or the program in general please feel free to reach out to us at We will do our best to respond within 2 business days.

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Approved loans will arrive at least 2 working days prior to "Date required". Please note that products can only be borrowed for a maximum of 2 weeks.
Loan requests are subject to approval and product availability.
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You may request 4-10 HP Prime Graphing Calculators and 4-10 Wireless Modules for loan purposes. You must order at least 4 HP Prime Graphing Calculators, the Wireless Modules are an optional addition. Wireless Modules come with one antenna to wirelessly connect to devices, regardless of how many modules you request. One module per calculator. Enter the quantity needed in the boxes below.
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