HP Accessibility partners

The HP accessibility program partners with key organizations that have demonstrated a strong commitment to people with disabilities or age-related limitations. These organizations have shown that they are dedicated to breaking down the barriers to information and technology.

Microsoft Accessibility — Technology for Everyone

HP has a long history of collaborating with Microsoft on many accessibility projects. One example is providing HP equipment to the nationwide network of Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers (MARC). These centers provide accessibility consultation to businesses, schools, and individuals looking for empowering technology solutions.

HP Assistive Technology Vendor Program (HPATV)

HP joins with assistive technology vendors, assisting them with development of their solutions on HP technology. The following links provide information about some members of the HP Assistive Technology Vendor Program.1

How to become a member

The first step to becoming a part of HP's Assistive Technology Vendor (HPATV) program is to join the HP AllianceONE partner program. Learn more about the HP AllianceONE Partner Program, and decide if the benefits of that program align with the needs of your company. When a company joins AllianceONE and chooses "Assistive Technology" as an application type in the company profile, it can become a member of HPATV.

Contact us regarding HP Assistive Technology Vendor program

Select "Assistive Technology Vendor program/HPATV" as the Subject on the "Contact form for persons with disabilities or age-related limitations" webform.

1 This is not an exhaustive list. The links on this page are provided for informational purposes only. Listings on this page do not imply endorsement by HP. HP assumes no responsibility for information or contacts resulting from your use of this information.

Did you know?

HP is a Platnum sponsor of the National Veterans Wheelchair Games

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