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HP Product Accessibility

Engaging with technology is becoming easier than ever for people with disabilities and age-related limitations. HP is continually improving the ease-of-use and accessibility of all our products. The following is a summary of the accessibility features that may be included in HP product families.

HP Personal Systems

  • Supporting a wide range of base operating systems, including Microsoft Windows which has an extensive library of “Ease of Access” features, including screen magnification, keyboard navigation, speech–to-text command and control, and color and contrast settings.
  • Best in class industrial design. Designing buttons, switches and controls to promote physical accessibility and using effective contrast levels on labels and on product text to maximize low vision accessibility.
  • Designing in compatibility with assistive technology solutions so you can expand your computing experience.

HP Printing Solutions

  • Designed to maximize accommodation for all users.
  • Buttons are large, well-spaced, tactilely discernible, and labeled with associated icons. On/Off buttons are located in the front or at the side, within reach of wheelchair users.
  • Front input and output trays are designed for easy access by wheelchair users.
  • Some models incorporate Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, infrared ports, and optional duplexing accessories that reduce the need for mechanical user interaction and improve accessibility for users with limited dexterity.
  • Some models have a backlit LCD for better visibility and separate LED light positions to assist those who are colorblind and incorporate backlighting to improve low-vision accessibility.
  • Some models support optional Printer Status and Alerts software, which presents printer alerts and job status to the host PC, allowing users of screen-reader assistive technology access to the printer’s display information.

Safety & Comfort Guide

This guide describes proper workstation setup, posture, and health and work habits for computer users

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Microsoft Windows can be personalized for ease of access?

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