The HP Customer Welcome Center

Fort Collins

Experience the Z by HP and Virtual Reality portfolios at the HP Customer Welcome Center (CWC) in Fort Collins, Colorado.

image of HP workstations on a Kung Fu Panda banner
image of a work table  on Fort Collin's welcome center
image of Fort Collin's welcome center with a workstation powered  motorcycle
image of Fort Collin's welcome center having laptops
image of an HP workstation and two HP monitors

A blend of history and innovation

Fort Collins, Colorado is the global headquarters for Z by HP workstations and VR. Located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Fort Collins has a rich history of innovation and design. Today, HP provides opportunities for customers to dive into portfolio lines, tour R&D labs, and discuss strategy and insights directly related to business applications. Schedule a visit below to meet our team and visit our CWC.