HP Data Center Smart Grid
and Smart Grid Solutions

As one of the HP Converged Infrastructure solutions to help make the data center less complex, more flexible, and cost-effective, HP Data Center Smart Grid technology collects and communicates thousands of measurements across information technology (IT) systems, also known as intelligent infrastructure and facilities. Using extremely accurate power meters similar to those in energy-efficient homes, the technology evaluates and reports energy use.

A central component of Data Center Smart Grid technology is HP Thermal Logic. This portfolio of technologies is embedded throughout HP ProLiant servers, and puts IT managers in control of power usage, allowing them to evaluate energy use on a moment-to-moment basis, make adjustments accordingly, and reclaim server capacity. With interconnected sensors that detect when power is being wasted, IT managers can fine-tune servers, potentially tripling data center capacity, reducing energy use by up to 25%, and saving up to $300,000 USD each year.1

HP Data Center Smart Grid technology gives customers all the information needed to do the following:

  • Increase capacity and useful data center lifespan.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Control, postpone, or eliminate additional capital expenses.
  • Increase the power and cooling efficiency of both IT equipment and facilities.
  • Provide insight into and control over energy consumption and costs.

For the first time, businesses can immediately see and control energy use across an entire data center, so they can increase energy efficiency, decrease their carbon footprint, and reduce expenses.

The security of supply, environmental challenges and public scrutiny are key concerns for leaders in the utility industry. Smart Grid technology transforms utility infrastructure into a network of systems that senses and reports abnormal activity, automatically performs self-optimization and detects and responds to potential faults before problems impact customers. With over 65% of the world's power transmission controlled by HP and its partners, we have 30 years of experience and proven methodologies to plan, design, build and test utility projects. Watch how we've helped Centrica and ElectraLink innovate to better support their customers.

Learn about HP's vision for City 2.0, where IT will be key to sustainability, fueling growth while decreasing environmental impact.

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1 HP Performance Engineering Team, 2008 research. Actual results may vary.