Your safety and comfort checklist – Seated position, Shoulders, arms, wrists, hands

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Organizing your adjustments

Seated position

Have you found a range of seated postures that are most comfortable for you? More
Are you changing postures within your "comfort zone" throughout the day, especially in the afternoon? More
Are your feet firmly planted? More
Are the undersides of your thighs near your knees free of pressure? More
Are the backs of your lower legs free of pressure? More
Is there sufficient space under your work surface for your knees and legs? More
Is your lower back supported? More

Shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands

Are your shoulders relaxed? More
Are your hands, wrists, and forearms in their neutral comfort zone? More
If you use arm supports, are they adjusted so that your shoulders are relaxed and your wrists are in a comfortable, neutral position? More
Are your elbows in a zone that is near the height of your keyboard's home row? More
Do you avoid resting your hands and wrists while typing or pointing? More
Do you avoid resting your hands and wrists on sharp edges? More
Do you avoid cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder? More
Are items you use frequently, such as your phone and reference materials, easy to reach? More


Periodically double-check your postures and habits using this checklist. If you've forgotten a tip or two, reread the previous sections of this web site.

Listen to your body
Any time you make changes to your tasks, work area, or posture, "listen" to your body. Its signals of comfort or discomfort will help you know whether your adjustments are right.