Finding your comfort zone – Eyes

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Working at your computer for long periods can be a visually demanding task and may cause your eyes to become irritated and fatigued. Therefore, you should give special attention to vision care, including the following recommendations:

Resting your eyes
Give your eyes frequent breaks. Periodically look away from the monitor and focus at a distant point. This may also be a good time to stretch, breathe deeply, and relax.

Cleaning your monitor and glasses
Keep your display screen and your glasses or contact lenses clean. If you use a glare-reduction filter, clean it according to the manufacturer's directions.

Having your eyes examined
To be sure that your vision is adequately corrected, have your eyes examined regularly by a vision care specialist. If you wear bifocals, trifocals, or progressive addition lenses, you may find that you need to assume an awkward posture to use your glasses at the computer. Mention this to your vision specialist and consider having glasses prescribed that are specifically suited for working with a computer monitor. For more information, refer to the Monitor section.


Think about your blink
While looking at your monitor, remember to blink. Although blinking your eyes is something you normally do without thinking, you may be blinking less often when using your computer (studies have indicated that, on average, people blink 1/3 as frequently at the computer). Blinking helps keep your eyes naturally protected and lubricated and helps prevent dryness, a common source of discomfort.

Eye break
Give your eyes frequent rests by focusing them on a distant point.