Your safety and comfort checklist – Eyes, Typing style

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Do you rest your eyes frequently by focusing on a distant point? More
Do you get your eyes examined regularly by a vision care specialist? More
Do you blink enough? More
If you wear bifocals, trifocals, or progressive addition lenses, do you avoid tilting your head back to see the monitor? More
Have you considered having glasses prescribed that are specially suited for working with a computer monitor to avoid awkward postures? More

Typing style

Are you training yourself to lighten up when you find you are pounding on the keys? More
If you are not a touch typist, have you been taking typing lessons? More
Are you training your fingers to relax when you find them tense, including those not touching the keys and pointing device, as well as those actively typing and pointing? More
Do you use your whole arm to reach for keys not located near the home row? More