Your safety and comfort checklist – Keyboard and pointing device, Monitor

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Keyboard and pointing device

Is your keyboard positioned directly in front of you? More
Are your keyboard height and slope adjusted so that your wrists are in a comfortable, neutral position and your shoulders relaxed? More
If you are typing with the keyboard on your lap, are your shoulders relaxed and your wrists in a comfortable, neutral position? More
If you are using a mouse or detached trackball, is it placed to the immediate right, left, or directly in front of your keyboard? More
If you are using a pointing device, are you holding it loosely, with a relaxed hand? More
Do you let go of your pointing device when you are not using it? More
Are you using a light touch when you click the buttons on your pointing device trackball, touchpad, or pointing stick)? More
Are you cleaning your mouse or trackball frequently? More


Is your monitor positioned in front of you and at a comfortable viewing distance, about arm's length? Or if you look at a paper document more than your monitor, is your document holder in front of you with your monitor to one side? More
Have you eliminated glare and bright reflections on your monitor, without compromising your posture? More
Is your monitor's entire viewing area located just below your eye height? More
Is your monitor tilted so your face and the monitor are parallel? More
Have you adjusted the brightness and contrast controls to improve the quality of text and graphics? More
Is your document holder positioned near the monitor, at the same distance, height, and angle as the monitor? More