Promoting a Safe and Comfortable Work Environment – Key principles

HP cares about your comfort, productivity and well-being

Key principles

To promote safety and comfort, follow these principles whenever you use your computer.


Adjust your body position and your work equipment.

There is no one "right" position. Find your comfort zone, as described in this Guide, and when working at your computer, frequently adjust within this zone.


Vary your tasks so that you can move around; avoid sitting in one posture all day.

Perform tasks that require walking.


Build positive relationships at work and home. Relax and strive to reduce sources of stress.

Stay aware of physical tension such as clenching your muscles and shrugging your shoulders.

Take frequent, short breaks.


Listen to your body.

Pay attention to any tension, discomfort, or pain you may feel, and take immediate action to relieve it.


Exercise regularly and maintain general fitness; this will help your body withstand the rigors of sedentary work.

Respect any medical conditions you may have or other known health factors. Adjust your work habits to accommodate them.