Electrical and mechanical safety information – Product safety policy and general practice, Safety standards

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Product safety policy and general practice

HP products operate safely when used according to their marked electrical ratings and product usage instructions. They should always be used in accordance with the requirements of local and regional building and wiring codes intended for the safe use of IT equipment.

Safety standards
The IEC 60950 standards provide general safety design requirements that reduce the risk of personal injury to both the computer user and the service provider. These standards reduce the risk of injury from the following hazards:

  • Electric shock
    Hazardous voltage levels contained in parts of the product
  • Fire
    Overloads, temperature, material flammability
  • Mechanical
    Sharp edges, moving parts, instability
  • Energy
    Circuits with high energy levels (240 volt amperes) or potential as burn hazards
  • Heat
    Accessible parts of the product at high temperatures
  • Chemical
    Chemical fumes and vapors
  • Radiation
    Noise, ionizing, laser, ultrasonic waves