After a powerful earthquake hit Haiti, volunteers from
HP helped the U.S. Navy and Marines quickly set up
information and communication networks.

HP technical expertise in Haiti was key to the U.S. earthquake response.


Following the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010, HP Enterprise Services responded with technology and pro bono expertise to help the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps deliver critical humanitarian relief.

The damage and suffering was widespread, and acting quickly was essential. The U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/Fourth Fleet (C4F) and the Naval Network Warfare Command (NNWC), immediately asked HP Enterprise Services to help get Operation Unified Response, the joint U.S. military relief effort, up and running.

The HP team jumped into action, bolstering the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) with more than 310 computers—most in less than two days. HP provided network connectivity, infrastructure connections, printer and monitor installations, increased RAM capacity and mailbox sizes, and installed printers and monitors, to either establish or support Navy humanitarian service operations within a week of the earthquake.

Volunteers from HP Enterprise Services helped the U.S. military launch Operation Unified Response in Haiti. Within days, the HP team was on the ground to set up a computing network that proved vital to coordinating earthquake relief efforts.

"The support of the HP NMCI team has been incredible," says Barry LaVigne, HP's U.S. Fleet Forces account manager. "Every demand was met on time or earlier. This has been an impressive display of HP NMCI employees truly caring about the Navy and those in need in Haiti."

For the Marine Corps, the HP NMCI team responded by delivering and setting up 30 laptops, air cards, and infrastructure support to U.S. Marine Corps Forces South (MARFORSOUTH) in Miami in just five days.

The HP team also helped expand the NMCI local area network (LAN), infrastructure connections, and service delivery, so the Marine response could get off the ground immediately.

"We appreciate the effort in support of this tragedy," says Dan Norvell, district manager, Marine Forces Command. "We all understand the urgency to work quickly during times of crisis. I am proud of the way HP and all of our teams pulled together to perform such an outstanding job."


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