HP Net-Zero Energy Data Center

HP Net-Zero Energy Data Center

The HP Net-Zero Energy Data Center will enable organizations to significantly reduce overall energy demand in data centers.

The ground-breaking HP Net-Zero Energy Data Center concept from HP Labs give businesses the potential to operate data centers using local renewable resources.

The HP Net-Zero Energy Data Center is designed to improve energy use using local, renewable resources.

While data centers are essential to running a business, they're notorious for the amount of energy they consume. The HP Net-Zero Energy Data Center architecture is designed to help businesses operate data centers using local, renewable resources like wind, sun, and bio-gas. Many organizations could lower total power consumption by 30 percent and dependence on grid power by more than 80 percent while ensuring business as usual. (This is based on comparing HP testing and calculations in a lab environment to existing techniques.)

For example, data centers that use solar power can use this architecture to schedule non-critical work during the day, giving priority to rush jobs that need to take place overnight when solar supplies are unavailable. Demand can be shaped based on availability of energy resources, reducing reliance on non-renewable resources.

This innovative approach saves money and enables more affordable service, making data center service more accessible to micro and small businesses.