We invest in our communities, contributing skills, technology, and resources to strengthen their resilience and vitality.

Our goals and progress in 2019


Enable better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025, since the beginning of 2015.



28 million+ teachers, students, and lifelong learners have benefited from HP’s education programs and solutions through 2019.


Enroll one million HP LIFE users by 2025.



214,000 users have enrolled in HP LIFE courses since 2016.


Contribute 1.5 million employee volunteer hours by 2025.*

*Cumulative since the beginning of 2016.


428,000 employee volunteering hours since 2016.



Contribute $100 million in HP Foundation1 and employee community giving2 by 2025.*

*Cumulative since the beginning of 2016.


Giving from the HP Foundation and employees has reached $35.17 million.


Education and social impact

Our education programs focus on access to quality learning for all people, to advance inclusion and economic opportunity. Download the 2019 Sustainability Impact Report.

Girls and women

Skilled workforce

Skilled workforce


    Free business and 21st Century skills training—online, offline and in-person. HP LIFE is a program of the HP Foundation.


  • HP LIFE Tunisia

    Mashrou3i (`my project´ in Arabic) fosters youth enterpreneurship in Tunisia with HP LIFE free online business courses.


  • HP Learning Studio

    HP Learning Studios in Lebanon and in Jordan are providing refugees with opportunities to build a better future with new skills.

  • HP Classroom of the Future

    Supportive and collaborative learning, enabled with Education Edition PCs with Classroom Manager 4.0.

  • HP Campus of the Future

    Empowering teaching, learning and research focused on 3D printing, virtual reality, augmented reality.

Empowering remote teaching and learning

Turn to Learn

Educational content from scientific, publishing and media companies, i.e., TIME for Kids, Britannica, NASA, to support teachers, underserved students.

Print, Play & Learn

Printable play and learn content curated for parents for learning at home.



HP Refresh

Helping communities crowdsource computer donations to schools, closing a gap for remote learning. 


HP Online Teaching Assistant

Supporting teachers with skills, content and ideas to boost student productivity while learning from home. 


Feature stories

HP Foundation

HP Foundation

The HP Foundation1 works to empower people through technology, connecting communities around the world to greater opportunity.


A WorldSkills and HP Foundation career development program to help youth explore social entrepreneurship and design solutions for social issues.

Employee volunteers

HP taps into the talents, passions, and entrepreneurial spirit of employees to make a difference in our communities.

Affiliations and memberships

HP belongs to or affiliates with many organizations that address global citizenship issues.

Policies and standards

Our policies set out the standards and principles that guide our business.

Corporate giving

Our support is strategically chosen and we do not respond to requests from individuals or non-profit organizations.


*** Leslie Gaines
1. The HP Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization.
2. Includes valuation of employee volunteer hours, employee donations, HP Foundation match, and HP Foundation grants.