HP and Global Partners are Creating the Future, Together

The future belongs to those who believe in harnessing the tremendous opportunity today.
Dion Weisler
President & CEO, HP
Transforming processes, behaviors and beliefs is heavy organizational lifting—but it is paying off.
Ron Coughlin
President Personal Systems Business, HP
Print holds a unique position at the crossroads of work and life, blending the digital and physical worlds.
Enrique Lores
President, Imaging & Printing Business, HP
Over the next 30 years how we live, where we live, and how we work is all going to change in a profound way.
Shane Wall
Chief Technology Officer for HP, Global Head of HP Labs

1 Average based on global trials conducted by Ponemon Institute during the “Visual Hacking Experiment,” 2015, and the “Global Visual Hacking Experiment,” 2016, both sponsored by 3M.

2 The Verge

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