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HP Introduces PC for Multiple Users to Address Education Needs of Developing Economies

HP Multi-user 441 desktop solution quadruples access per computer, lowers costs
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, June 24, 2004

HP today launched the HP Multi-user 441 desktop solution, a ground-breaking platform for the classroom designed to provide students and teachers in underserved markets with greater access to learning and computer-based training.

The HP 441 desktop solution simultaneously provides four users an independent, secure computing experience on one PC. Each learner has his or her own keyboard, monitor, mouse, audio capability and can independently browse the Internet, send e-mail, use engaging educational software as well as run office productivity applications, such as word processing.

The HP 441 desktop solution was developed as a response to market demand for low-cost computing capabilities that HP observed as part of its ongoing work in the Mogalakwena HP i-community in South Africa.

The solution offers savings of at least 30 percent in acquisition costs and 60 percent in the total cost of ownership per user compared to a standard desktop PC. Using a new desktop configuration that leverages the flexibility of the Linux operating system, HP has quadrupled the educational power of a PC and lowered costs across the full lifecycle of the product.

Included in the solution is a comprehensive package of 70 educational software applications, one example of which is HP eLearning Nuggets, a complete PC literacy curriculum developed to help learners and teachers master the use of computers.

Business potential for HP in emerging markets

"The development of low-cost technology tailored to the needs of emerging markets is key to both HP's business growth and our commitment to global citizenship," said Maureen Conway, vice president, Emerging Market Solutions, HP. "HP continues to investigate the means by which technology can directly impact people's lives in developing economies where education is vital for social and economic development.

"In a world in which more than 90 percent of the population has yet to use technology products, HP recognizes the business potential and market demand to create products that address the needs of developing economies. Indeed, 74 percent of total government spending of emerging markets is dedicated to social and economic development."(1)

Further information on the HP Multi-user 441 desktop solution is available by e-mailing

Mogalakwena HP i-community

Located in South Africa, the Mogalakwena HP i-community is part of HP's e-inclusion program, which seeks to use technology to amplify existing social and economic growth in developing economies, focusing on sustainability for the communities and HP.

The Mogalakwena HP i-community provided access to real customers by testing the HP 441 desktop solution in a wide variety of contexts: municipal offices, libraries, training centers and clinics. This resulted in real-life usability testing to finalize the 441 specification and confirm the support HP must provide to ensure maximum use of the technology.

An "i-community" is a community in which information and communication technology infrastructure is strategically deployed by HP to ensure the participation and inclusion of all appropriate parties in the enhanced economic and social development of the community, as measured by tangible improvements in relevant indices such as literacy, job creation, income, access to government services, education, healthcare, and so forth. The processes, learnings and technology solutions from each i-community serves as the basis for future replication in several underserved regions around the world.

HP strives to provide solutions that act as a catalyst in turning traditionally underserved markets into thriving, self-sustaining communities. It is about enabling people to have greater control over the important choices in their lives.

In addition to South Africa, other i-communities are located in Kuppam, India and Houston, Texas. More information is available at

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HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging and printing. For the four fiscal quarters ended April 30, 2004, HP revenue totaled $76.8 billion. More information about HP (NYSE, Nasdaq: HPQ) is available at

(1) Euromonitor Global Market Industry database, 2004.

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