Press Release: May 21, 2003

HP Business PC Solutions Solve Customer IT Maintenance, Security and Wireless Issues

PALO ALTO, CALIF., May 21, 2003
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HP (NYSE:HPQ) today introduced HP Business PC Solutions, a comprehensive set of flexible services designed to protect and enhance a business' information technology (IT) investment.

HP Business PC Solutions helps enterprise and medium-sized business customers protect and secure data, devices and networks while providing opportunities for increasing productivity and reducing costs with more efficient management of both wired and wireless IT environments.

"Reducing costs is one of the top issues in IT today. Studies have shown that the initial purchase price is less than a quarter of the total cost associated with running a PC in an enterprise, while 75 percent of the cost is managing that PC over its lifetime," said John Thompson, vice president and general manager of commercial products, HP Personal Systems Group. "HP Business PC Solutions reduce the support time and security risks associated with managing an IT infrastructure, which increases the customer's total return on IT investment."

HP Business PC Solutions include three solution sets: HP Lifecycle Solutions, HP Security Solutions and HP Mobility and Wireless Solutions. This combination of free and customizable fee-based offerings complement HP's wide range of business technology products, designed to help enterprise customers protect their digital assets and IT investments.

"We were looking for a company that could provide us with a total IT solution. Several vendors offered some creative academic programs, but HP really hit the mark best overall," said Ruben Bohuchot, associate superintendent and chief technology officer, Dallas Independent School District. "HP listened to our needs, tailored a solution specifically for us, and delivered exactly what we asked for."

"HP Business PC Solutions provides customers with an excellent set of offerings, with a rollout strategy across desktop, notebook and iPAQ handhelds," said Andrew Efstathiou, program manager, Yankee Group. "HP is able to offer a complete solution strategy, in addition to a complete line of products, that competitors don't offer."

HP Lifecycle Solutions

HP Lifecycle Solutions (HPLS) is a comprehensive suite of tools that help corporations plan, deploy, manage and transition the PCs in their IT infrastructure.

HPLS includes an assessment of best practices that can improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a customer's IT infrastructure with the Web-based HP TCO Snapshot ( tool-available at no additional charge-providing quick identification of cost reduction opportunities, evaluation of current technology deployment and user requirements. More in-depth assessments can be conducted for a company onsite for an additional charge.(1)

Once a thorough assessment by the experienced HPLS team has been completed, HP assists in deploying and integrating the new hardware into the business with services such as simplifying network configurations and building corporate images. Utilizing HP's service expertise and resources in these capacities can help free IT departments to focus on more strategic issues.

HPLS also offers financing to help companies effectively build the most cost-effective IT infrastructure - whether that be outright purchase of standard PC configurations, tailored systems from HP PC Customization Services or fully managed, utility-based Access on Demand leasing services.

For international corporations, HP offers the Global Series program, which ensures companies can purchase the same products and associated support and services in more than 100 countries around the world to help streamline and enhance global IT management at no extra charge to the customer.

Client management can be one of the more costly and time-consuming duties for IT managers. HP Client Management Solutions, in partnership with Altiris, simplify these tasks with an all-in-one manageability suite that can be customized to meet an individual corporation's requirements for inventory, deployment, and management solutions, like PC Transplant, Carbon Copy, and application management and metering.

HP provides the free HP Client Manager Software for remote management of client assets from a single console. With the purchase of an additional Altiris software solution, client asset information is aggregated to automate tasks, such as PC health monitoring, as well as automatic hardware and software updates, service support and inventory management.

HP also provides customers free HP Proactive Change Notification, the industry's only advance change notification service -- to reduce user and system downtime when system changes are necessary and unavoidable. Customers receive details of the change up to 60 days prior to implementation.

And when the time comes to purchase new hardware, HP eases the transition process by allowing customers to trial new products through the HP Early Evaluation program,(2) reduce purchase costs with asset buy back and disposal services, and provide system migration assistance.

HP Mobility and Wireless Solutions

Mobile customers are able to maximize the value of technology investment with HP Mobility and Wireless Solutions, which includes architecture development tools and processes, solution deployment services and wireless security tools and services for wirelessly enabled devices.

HP Mobility and Wireless Solutions extend access to vital business information regardless of time or place using industry standard wLAN and wWAN connectivity standards. HP iPAQ Pocket PC handhelds offer built-in Bluetooth™ and 802.11 capabilities, in addition to GSM/GPRS. Additional mobility can be provided by other wirelessly enabled devices, such as 802.11b and Bluetooth printers and wireless access points.(3)

HP's combination of service expertise and broad product portfolio allows HP to architect mobile business solutions that generate competitive advantage for customers by enabling their mobile workforces to conduct business regardless of time or location. With HP's industry partners, customized application solutions can be developed around sales force and field service automation, mail and messaging, supply chain and specific vertical industry solutions.

HP Security Solutions

According to a recent survey, more than 85 percent of large organizations that suffered IT security breaches in 2002 lost billions of dollars in lost devices, productivity, intellectual property and public confidence. (4)

HP Security Solutions provide companies with a comprehensive set of flexible, built-in and add-on IT asset protection features, access control and data protection tools, and network security solutions for, desktop and notebooks PCs, handhelds, workstations and servers that can be customized to meet a business' unique security needs.

HP Client Manager Software provides proactive notification of configuration changes to the system - like removal of memory - as well as the ability to remotely lock a chassis cover. Augmenting physical device protection, the HP ProtectTools security option provides enhanced and customizable data protection for desktop PCs through its Smart Card Security Manager, allowing pre-boot user authentication and secure storage of digital certificates and keys.

ProtectTools Embedded Security, available on the new d530 family of desktops, provides complementary platform authentication, allowing companies to better control access to the network to only approved devices. The Embedded Security solution also enables more robust and secure file and folder encryption through integrated storage of digital certificates and keys in a silicon Trusted Computing Group Trusted Platform Module.

In addition to simplifying IT management, HP Client Management Solution, in partnership with Altiris, also brings peace of mind with data backup and recovery. Available smart card and biometric readers provide second and third-factor authentication options, including integrated biometric fingerprint readers on select HP iPAQ Pocket PC products.

As mobility and wireless solutions become increasingly necessary for productivity, several key protocols and security mechanisms to help protect data in wireless environments, such as WiFi Protected Access (WPA), and 802.1X dynamic encryption, have been integrated into HP products.

Helping customers keep track of rapidly changing security threats, HP Security Solutions partner strongly with HP consulting and integration services to design and deploy customized solutions and security management policies to individual customer specifications.

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(1) Pricing based on services chosen by customer, and may vary.
(2) Provided to approved customers at no additional charge.
(3)A standard WLAN infrastructure, other Bluetooth-enabled devices, and a service contract with a wireless airtime provider may be required for applicable wireless communication. Wireless Internet use requires a separately purchased service contract. Check with service provider for availability and coverage in your area. Not all web content available."
(4)Computer Security Issues & Trends -- 2002 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey.

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