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Lot W111202-A - Wobulation

Lot Description:

The patents in this lot generally relate to projection systems and optics. In particular, they relate to projection and prism assemblies, and light modulators used in image creation.

Exemplary Patent(s):

Patent, US7349604 generally relates to a method for aligning two optical components by stacking the first and second optical components and with the third transparent optical element between the first two. The optical components are adjusted in the x, y, and z-axes, and rotations about the x, y, and z-axes.

Patent Lot Citation(s):

This lot is forward referenced by the following companies: Panasonic Corporation, Gehode Corporation.

Relevant Industry Segments:


Number of Patents: 4 US

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Electron-beam actuated light modulator with a mechanical stop

Granted Date: 05/01/2007
Filing Date: 02/22/2005

Method and apparatus for aligning optical components

Granted Date: 03/25/2008
Filing Date: 01/31/2006

Prism assembly

Granted Date: 04/15/2008
Filing Date: 06/09/2005

Projection assembly

Granted Date: 07/08/2008
Filing Date: 10/20/2005

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