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Lot W120203-A - Copier, Imaging, and Scanner Technologies

Lot Description:

The patents in this lot generally relate to copier, imaging, and scanner technologies. In particular, they relate to devices, methods and apparatus pertaining to image and document data scanning and processing.

Exemplary Patent(s):

Patent US5753908 generally relates an apparatus and method for photosensor arrays that are mounted with an integrated circuit package.

Patent Lot Citation(s):

This lot is forward referenced by the following companies: Agilent Technologies, Canon, NEC Corporation, LG.Philips, Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.

Relevant Industry Segments:


Number of Patents: 2 US

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Electrode For External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp Providing Improved Longitudinal Stability Of Intensity Striations

Granted Date: 06/02/1998
Filing Date: 02/26/1996

Photoelectric Imaging Device Photosensor Array Alignment Apparatus And Method

Granted Date: 05/19/1998
Filing Date: 01/09/1997

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