HP 91 Light Magenta and Light Cyan DesignJet Printhead Features
Original HP technology—vivid, accurate results

HP's innovative printhead design includes nozzles designed to achieve precise, accurate placement of smaller drops at high speed. The result—a range of vibrant colors, smooth neutral gray transitions, crisp text, and fine line accuracy. Designed together with HP Photo Inks, you get a wide color gamut, incredible detail, and photo-image quality.

The innovative design of Original HP 91 Printheads achieves consistent print quality at even the fastest print speeds.

Work faster with consistent, trouble-free printing

Intelligence built into Original HP printheads ensures you get precise, accurate results every time you print. To ensure consistent print quality, interactive system technology in HP 91 Printheads, Original HP Ink Cartridges, and your Designjet printer makes automatic and continuous adjustments to optimize image quality and line accuracy.

The HP DesignJet printing system—printers, Original HP printheads, ink cartridges with HP Photo Inks, and media—is designed, engineered, and tested to work with precision. Reliable operation saves time, improves productivity, and lowers overall printing costs, making Original HP printing supplies a true value.

Original HP supplies—easy to manage, easy to use

Interactive technology built into Original HP 91 Printheads, Ink Cartridges, and your Designjet printer makes automatic and continuous adjustments to maximize printhead usage life. With fewer interruptions and less maintenance, you get cost-effective, productive printing.

When you need to replace a printhead, Original HP 91 Printheads are easy to identify and install. Count on the reliable performance of Original HP 91 Printheads—designed and tested together with Original HP 91 Ink Cartridges, HP Photo Inks, and the DesignJet printer—for time-saving, high performance over the life of your printer.

Interactive printing system technology includes intelligence built into Original HP 91 Printheads, HP 91 Ink Cartridges, and your Designjet printer that sends alerts when supplies need to be replaced. This facilitates timely supplies replacement to minimize interruptions and keep you productive.