Sharp lines, photo-quality images

HP ink cartridges help you get the job done right. Patented dye-based color and pigment-based black HP 90 ink formulations produce consistently outstanding print quality—from sharp, accurate line diagrams to accurate photos. Designed together with the printer and HP papers and film, HP 90 ink cartridges deliver long-life output, more ink stability on the page and excellent results over a broad spectrum of large format printing material.

Innovative HP Smart Printing technology ensures you get outstanding results every time you print. To ensure consistent print quality, interactive system technology in HP 90 Ink Cartridges, HP 90 Printheads and your Designjet printer makes automatic and continuous adjustments to optimize print quality and color accuracy. (Using genuine HP supplies ensures availability of all HP printing features).

Designed together, HP inks and HP Universal Bond Paper produce crisp line resolution and high-color contrast prints. And now there are more choices tailored to your needs—new long rolls, super-long roll and metric sizes. Changing the paper roll less often means fewer interruptions and more time to focus on more important aspects of your work.

Reliable. Easy. More productive.

Innovative HP Smart Printing technology makes HP printing supplies easy to use and maintain. Interactive system technology in HP ink cartridges, printheads and your printer monitors ink levels and provides automatic alerts when a cartridge is low or out so you know when it's time to replace a supply. (Using genuine HP supplies ensures availability of all HP printing features).

To ensure uncompromising quality, performance and reliability, the elements of the HP Designjet system are designed together. HP 90 inks and new HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper are designed together to produce outstanding image quality for full color graphics on a sheet that lays flat. To further ensure system reliability, HP inks are engineered to maintain printhead nozzle health, achieve an ultra-small drop size, and guarantee compatibility with each component of the printing system.

The HP Planet Partners program is an industry-leading, global solution for environmentally responsible recycling of HP ink cartridges available in more than 30 countries worldwide. It’s easy for your business to participate in the HP Planet Partners printing supplies return and recycling program and participation is free. HP makes sure that returned HP ink cartridges receive state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible recycling.

Save time. Save money.

Now you can match the size of the ink cartridge to the needs of the project. With the new HP 90 Black Ink Cartridge for high-volume printing, you now have a choice of two sizes of ink cartridge for each color. More choice means more flexibility. And more ink means fewer interruptions for changing cartridges—and higher productivity.

3-ink Multipacks—3 ink cartridges of the same color—offer significant savings and convenience. Value Packs bundle the ink cartridge, printhead and printhead cleaner together. HP large format printing supplies are designed to provide an excellent value for your large format printing needs.

HP 90 Ink Cartridges are designed for reliable, cost-effective printing. When it’s time to replace a cartridge, individually replaceable ink cartridges allow for economical replacement of only the cartridge that’s run out. With two sizes to choose from for each color and finely-tuned ink level sensing, HP 90 Ink Cartridges are designed for fast printing, cost-effective usage and reliable, time-saving operation.

The HP Designjet printing system—printers, ink cartridges, printheads and paper—is engineered to work with precision. As a vital component, every HP cartridge must meet strict quality standards. All HP inks are subjected to more than 20 tests for purity to prevent problems that degrade image quality, for example, microscopic contaminants that can clog printhead nozzles. Reliable operation saves time, improves productivity and lowers overall printing costs, making HP supplies an excellent value.

[1] Using genuine HP supplies ensures availability of all HP printing features