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Digital Sending Software 5.0

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Digitize paper documents and integrate them into business processes at the touch of a button.

When you streamline how your business handles documents and information, you can save time and improve productivity. HP Digital Sending Software (DSS) 5.0 is a server-based solution that enhances digital sending from HP LaserJet MFPs, HP digital senders, and HP Scanjet network devices.

Now, you can easily incorporate paper documents into electronic processes. Digitize and send information quickly and securely to email, network folders, printers, fax services, Microsoft® SharePoint®, and more. And with a common administrative utility and end-user interface, you can use it across multiple devices and device types.

To purchase Digital Sending Software licenses and associated CarePacks please contact your HP representative or HP authorized reseller.

Additional information about the installation and use for the current DSS release can be found on the web site,

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Feature highlights


Integrate paper documents into your business workflows.

Help maximize return on IT investment with software that leverages existing IT infrastructure. Use custom keys on select HP digital sending devices to accurately index and route documents.1


Easily manage digital sending with the user-friendly DSS interface.

Use configuration templates to define settings and apply them simultaneously across multiple devices, to help minimize time and resources. Custom keys make document sending easy.1



Use SSL protocol to send email to the SMTP server.

Encrypt email attachments to safeguard information from outside access.2 Restrict access to supported send-to destinations, and use authentication to control and track usage by device.

Device compatibility

HP LaserJet MFPs HP Color LaserJet MFPs HP Document Capture Workstations HP Digital Senders HP Officejet Enterprise MFPs HP PageWide MFPs
M525 MFP M575 MFP Scanjet Enterprise 7000n/nx HP Digital Sender 9200c X585 MFP PW586
Flow MFP M525 Flow MFP M575 Scanjet Enterprise 8500 fn1 HP Digital Sender 9259c   PW Color MFP 780
M3035 MFP CM3530 MFP ScanJet Enterprise Flow N9120 fn2 HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 fn11   PW Managed Color MFP E776[50/60]
4345 MFP CM4540MFP   HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 fn21    
M4345 MFP 4730 MFP / CM4730 MFP        
M4555 MFP CM6030 MFP        
M5035 MFP CM6040 MFP        
M725 MFP M775 MFP        
M830 MFP M880 MFP        
9040/9050 MFP 9500 MFP        
M9040 MFP / M9050 MFP MFP M680        
M527 MFP M577 MFP        
M630 MFP MFP M631/M632/M633        
  MFP M681/M682        
  Managed MFP E625[55/65/75]        
  Managed MFP E675[50/60]        
  Flow MFP M681/M682        
  Flow MFP E675[50/60]        
  Managed MFP E725[25/30/35]        
  Managed Flow MFP E725[25/30/35]        
  Managed MFP E778[22/25/30]        
  Managed Flow MFP E778[22/25/30]        
  Managed MFP E825[40/50/60]        
  Managed Flow MFP E825[40/50/60]        
  Managed MFP E876[40/50/60]        
  Managed Flow MFP E876[40/50/60]        

1 Feature works only with devices that have HP FutureSmart firmware