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Value-Added Services

Make the most of your investment

Maximize your company’s technology potential when you couple your investment with Value-Added Services including HP Asset Recovery and HP Trade-In.

Achieve operational excellence

As technology needs evolve and change, full lifecycle strategies must be reconsidered to achieve greater efficiencies. Our experts work with you, helping to manage the complex process of retiring your PC and print products in a secure and compliant manner. Our goal is to minimize the effort required by you to refresh your tech and allow you to focus on what matters—innovation and driving your business forward.

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Improve governance

Establish a company-wide framework
for processes and procedures.

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Environmental consideration

Enhance brand reputation and ensure
that tech is properly handled during

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Data security

Optimize your technology lifecycle in
stride with your enterprise.

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HP Integrated Financial Solutions goes beyond just recycling.

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Asset recovery

A little brainpower now, a lot less risk later

A smart asset recovery plan can position you at the helm of your global operations and your corporate reputation. To get a clear line of sight into your equipment’s end-of-life journey, partner with a single vendor to develop your plan.

Unlock your resale value

Work with our asset recovery experts to assess and remarket your current equipment and retain value from the past that will help fuel your business forward.

Achieve your sustainability mission

Our Technology Renewal Centers help extend the life of technology whenever possible. We take pride in our ability to maximize our customers’ IT investments by putting equipment with value back into the world as a working asset for other customers.

Recycle responsibly

Let us sweat the standards. If we can't remarket your technology and it is truly obsolete, we'll make sure your equipment is promptly recycled in accordance with regulations.

HP Trade-In

Invest in the future. Maximize the past. Let us help you put older equipment to good use by extracting value from it to go towards the purchase of your new HP solutions.

How HP Trade-In works:

Get a quote
Purchase new products
Ship your product for trade
Receive your redemption check

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