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The Future of Services + Business Mobility
By Michael Park

Finally, device harmony.

Old-timers among us remember when having a “network” in an office was a breakthrough. From an IT management point of view, having networked devices with things like group policy freed us from the work of “sneakernet” and opened up a life of sitting in front of management consoles instead. That might not have been the best thing for waistlines, but it certainly improved productivity and uptime.

But now consider the massive proliferation of devices as the world grows increasingly mobile. No sneakernet in the world could manage all the devices that exist within any given enterprise today, but increasingly those management consoles are having a tough time keeping up, too, and the nirvana of a “single pane of glass” seems further and further out of reach as new tools arise for different device types which add to the complexity of managing IT. In larger companies, the IT staffs are more likely to be able juggle multiple solutions to keep the management boat afloat – but not every business has the luxury of “staff.”

When we talk about business mobility, as I’ve noted before, too often we are thinking about just getting our arms around bring your own device (BYOD.) I’ve talked about our goal of transforming workflows – a more advanced implementation of business mobility – and that simply can’t happen if you can’t manage and secure the broad types of devices that are integral to true business mobility. So what is the small or medium business to do?

For today’s companies with limited IT staff and budget, managing the plethora of devices needs to be simple, affordable and complete. What if managing and securing device end points could be as simple as an app? And what if that app could oversee and manage a wide range of devices, from smartphones to tablets, PC’s and workstations? And do it across Windows, Android, iOS? Well that is exactly what we have developed at HP - a simple, cloud-based IT management solution called HP Touchpoint Manager – allowing today’s growing businesses to monitor device health, fix problems before they occur and protect valuable company data. It is one solution for all your devices.