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How mobility is going to transform workflows
By Michael Park

People who have heard me talk about why I am so excited to be part of HP’s push into commercial mobility have heard me say that mobility in business today is like the internet was for business circa 1999. And by that I mean, our ability to understand, embrace, and extend mobility into new ways is at the same stage of internet sophistication that I’ll call the “brochure ware” era. Marketers who were hard at work in the 1990s got excited about the internet because they could save money and extend their reach by putting their catalogues online – no printing, no mailing! It didn’t take long, of course, for all of us to realize what could really happen with the internet – brochures online were just the beginning.

Mobility in business is at that same level of sophistication today. You hear a lot about “BYOD” and “consumerization of IT,” which is really about consumers bringing their devices into corporate networks and essentially using them to consume content. But mobility can do so much more for business than just change where we read email. It has the potential to dramatically transform workflows to make us more nimble, more connected, more productive, and, yes, to save money.”

What do I mean by “transform workflows?” Workflows are, essentially, the orchestrated and repeated patterns of business activity that we all engage in that are supported by systematic processes. How your company processes invoices is a workflow. How a retailer checks out purchases and processes returns are workflows. How a physician provides and documents patient care involves lots of workflows. And, when you dig into any workflow, you can start to find the places where there are inefficiencies or gaps – places where mobility solutions improve the process but transform it in brand new ways.

Let me give you two examples that are real today. Let’s start with first responders – police and fire officials – who come onto the scene of an emergency. While we don’t usually think of their actions as constituting “workflows,” they absolutely do: responding to the scene of an accident has an orchestrated and repeated pattern of activity. After an emergency call is received, a computer aided dispatch system sends the notice to first responders that are in close proximity to the situation. As new information about an emergency comes in, a mobile tablet, like HP’s rugged tablet, allows first responders to access real time information at the point of engagement so that they can respond in the appropriate manner and even request back up support with a click of a button. Closing out reports can also be done quickly from the Windows based tablet so that the first responder can spend more time in the field helping save lives and less time in the office doing paperwork.

Today HP is working with Intergraph and with Microsoft to deliver this first responders workflow to the market.

A second example is improving patient care. In most hospitals today, a workstation on wheels gets pushed from room to room consuming precious space in already cramped recovery rooms. Often times, the clinician spends more time inputting information into this workstation with their back towards the patient than actually engaging with them face to face. With HP’s healthcare tablet and integrated barcode reader, clinicians are now able to scan or input patient updates utilizing a 10” tablet that they carry in their hands, allowing for more patient and clinician interaction at the bedside and more space to move around in the room.

Beyond these two examples it’s easy to start seeing places that the right devices, built specifically for business, combined with the right software can really transform workflows. And that’s the power of mobility from HP that is built for the ways you work. Over the next few months we’ll be writing regularly about the changes we’re seeing, giving examples of where workflows are being transformed, and offering insights for how you can transform your business. We welcome you to join us!

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