HP Records Processing Solution
for Law Enforcement
Automate the creation and handling of law enforcement cases
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The HP Records Processing Solution for Law Enforcement can help reduce report creation time, the risks of lost documents, and simple, yet impactful errors that can so easily occur in manual processing. Digitize and upload data to your EDMS/ECM in minutes versus days, and free up time to work on cases versus wasting time looking for data your agency already has. Since approximately 2,500 hours are spent per year in records processing in a typical mid-sized US city law enforcement agency - where twenty-five percent of that time is spent in report creation, over thirty per cent of that time is spent in managing files, and up to forty per cent of that time is spent looking for existing documents – the HP Records Processing Solution for Law Enforcement can help you introduce valuable efficiencies that can increase the success rate of your agency.

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HP is a trusted partner to more than 300 government agencies in more than 30 countries worldwide. This experience gives us unique insight into clients’ concerns around security, cost reduction and reliability. Partner with HP to streamline the flow of documents and information that drive your agency. You can count on:

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HP is recognized as a global leader in imaging, printing, and computing, an industry leader in network and infrastructure management, and an organization with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

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