How printing innovation is unlocking business potential

May 2, 20163 Minute Read

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Innovation: It’s a trendy word, but what exactly does it mean?

Most people associate innovation with the latest flash-in-the-pan inventions, such as virtual assistants that help you call up tomorrow’s weather forecast while you’re making dinner, earbuds that provide real-time foreign language translation, and unhackable quantum messaging networks that keep communications secure.

But the term extends beyond crazy-cool trends to include things that will make a lasting difference and provide immense productivity gains, like business printing innovation. If you’ve ever seen the awesomeness a 3D printer can create, you understand the potential of printing, but there’s even more exciting developments happening in the 2D-print space.

Faster, efficient, and more affordable printing

Most people aren’t aware of the innovation happening in printing today—most people don’t think about printing period—or know how much the product has changed over time. But there’s a lot of innovation going on behind the scenes. For example, check out a few of the technological advancements in printing that are taking business productivity up a notch these days:

  • HP PageWide Technology employs a stationary printhead with over 42,000 nozzles that produce characters and images in a single pass, resulting in fast, quiet, and precise printing every time
  • Modern multifunction printers, like the latest A3 MFPs from HP, are designed and built with fewer parts, which can mean less downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • Printer fleet management tools can help you reduce workload and costs, boosting employee productivity and enabling more secure printing
  • Mobile printing can give busy office professionals the freedom to print from tablets and smartphones without accessing the corporate network

Smart, self-healing technology for more secure printing

Any device connected to the network can get hacked if left unprotected—and that includes printers—so you need to make sure your IT environment is defended from all angles. The good news is intelligent, automated printing solutions can help you fight back against hackers.

Solid print security solutions protect the device itself, all data going to and from the machine, and any printed documents that are of strategic importance to the business. In other words, if you want to keep your printers as secure as possible, you should look for the following features:

  • The ability to intelligently and adaptively to protect themselves from breaches
  • Detection software that can alert the IT team when suspicious activity is discovered, so you can quickly respond to a potential threat before it poses a more severe risk to the business
  • The ability to automatically verify software integrity, activate self-healing to eliminate malicious code, and even close ports and lock down other security vulnerabilities to prevent unwanted intrusions
  • Mobile printing capabilities that can integrate with third-party mobile device management solutions, so you can streamline administrative control and enhance security

These innovations will give you some rare peace of mind. You’ll know your printers are secure and locked down—that’s one less entry point you have to worry about on your network.

Business printing innovation for the small office

Small offices need innovative printing to stay productive and competitive, too, and small business printers have evolved to better support those needs in a few different ways:

  • A smaller footprint can maximize office space and make it easier for office professionals to work comfortably and productively
  • Two-page color printing can deliver a compelling, professional presentation in all your communications with clients and business partners
  • Incredible speed can result in less time spent waiting for that mission-critical print job to complete
  • Convenient mobile printing from smartphones and tablets can liberate your office workers from their desks. With a mobile app, they can print and scan documents—and even order ink, if needed—from anywhere, anytime

No matter your business or vertical, printing innovation can help you work smarter, faster, and even more securely—all while saving money and staff time. With the ability to work quickly and seamlessly—from a desktop computer at the office or on a tablet at a train station—you’ll be free to focus on the innovations that power your work forward.

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