Your must-do guide to the 2017 RSA Conference

February 13, 20173 Minute Read

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We don’t need to tell you that security is top of mind for every professional in every IT department at companies across the globe. Those headed to the RSA security conference 2017 should leverage the experience as a competitive advantage.

As the IT sector grows to $3.5 trillion in 2017, guarding against security breaches is more important than ever. The opportunity to learn from the experts at the RSA Conference can provide valuable insights and lessons in prevention. For instance, consider how cyber intelligence has evolved since the year of the hack in 2014—when every month seemed to bring unprecedented reports of data theft from banks to hospitals—to 2016’s massive DDoS attack on Dyn that created outages at CNN, Reddit, Twitter, and Netflix, thought to be the largest of its kind. We could all hugely benefit from more security.

Here are five conference highlights you won’t want to miss at this year’s RSA Conference:

1. BRIEFING: The 7 Most Dangerous Attack Techniques and What’s Coming Next

This briefing will not only feature the most dangerous new attack techniques, but will delve into how they work and how to stop them cold. Insights will come from a team of panelists from the SANS Institute, including instructor Ed Skoudis, who’s schooled more than 12,000 cybersecurity professionals in the art of advanced penetration testing techniques. He’s joined by Johannes Ullrich, founder and director of the Internet Storm Center (ISC), the internet’s early warning system, and Michael Assante, director of industrials and infrastructure.

2. BRIEFING: The Enemy Within: Detecting and Mitigating Insider Threats (Varonis Systems)

As the security experts of RSA note, ransomware can be both a scourge and savior at once, because while it’s not officially an insider threat, it makes use of the identities of those within the network to encrypt files. This briefing promises to reveal how “organizations are using ransomware to identify and confront vulnerabilities that expose them to rogue employees, abusive administrators, and hackers.”

3. KEYNOTE: Leadership and Teamwork with Dame Stella Rimington

James Bond fans will likely remember the character of “M” played by Dame Judi Dench. The inspiration for the character is this keynote speaker: Dame Stella Rimington. The former director general of the United Kingdom’s Security Service, MI5, Dame Rimington will use anecdotes from her long career in countersubversion, counterespionage, and counterterrorism to illustrate best practices for working together and leading teams.

4. KEYNOTE: An Astrophysicist Reads the Newspaper

Whether you’re already a fan of the affable scientist, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, or you’ve never heard him explain the mysteries of the universe in his signature simple, yet profound and contextually rich stories, you’re in for a treat. His humor and awareness will illuminate the most pressing issues of our world.

5. TRACK: One Million Alerts: Solving the Major Incident Response Challenge

Despite the fact that data breaches are costly and damaging to a company, the critical skills gap in cybersecurity means that incident response remains a major challenge to corporate security. Learn why automation may be the best solution to identify the latest advanced persistent threat (APT) attack amid the cacophony of thousands of security alerts generated by typical systems and how best to deploy it.

These intriguing events highlight the importance of the upcoming RSA security conference 2017. If you’re attending, definitely make sure to check some of these out—but if you can’t go, we’ve got you covered: Come back to Tektonika for a follow-up recap of the RSA Conference. You can bring these learnings back to the office and improve your security posture for tomorrow—and beyond.

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