Give thanks for mobile solutions—and those that secure them

November 27, 20175 minutes

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Each year, we spend the Thanksgiving holiday giving thanks for family and friends—and for an abundance of delicious food. But what about giving thanks to those who make our jobs (and our day-to-day) easier? Rarely does one stop to give thanks for the mobile solutions that streamline processes and, more importantly, the IT pros that prioritized safe, efficient solutions to encourage mobility.

This year, we’re looking to change that. Let’s take a look at what IT puts into those mobility solutions so you know exactly what to thank your company’s IT manager for.

Riding the wave of mobile solutions

As more and more companies bring flexible mobile solutions for employees into the office, IT teams must continue to adjust processes and solutions to ensure you can effectively work from where you want, however you want. Part of that effort includes providing you with secured laptops, single-sign on processes, and maybe even removing stringent connectivity requirements.

The rise in 4G LTE connections has prompted a wave of people to transition to remote offices—whether it be their kitchen table, home office, coffee shop, or co-working space. IT has had to respond by adopting modern tooling like Office 365, Google Docs, and other cloud-based offerings.

With great mobility comes great security vulnerabilities, and creating a BYOD-friendly IT department means full-time device management and security awareness for the tech pros you work with. And that in and of itself is something to be thankful for.

Securing a mobile workforce

The rise of iPhones, Android devices, and other fancy gadgets has introduced open endpoints on the network, and being away from the office doesn’t make it any safer. Each time you check your email, your IT team’s effort is being tested. Will the devices, programs, and processes they’ve orchestrated keep the hackers at bay?

If you don’t have a healthy fear of public Wi-Fi just yet, you haven’t been paying close enough attention. Despite the uphill battles, IT departments are still on the hunt for the easiest systems for logging on to all of your tools without any hassle (or, let’s say, “minimum hassle for maximum security”).

One of the most common tasks of your IT manager is ensuring that the systems you use every day are secure and updated. Think of them as the Wizard of Oz: On the outside, they keep the office and its processes looking seamless, while behind the curtain they’re operating a lot of different levers and switches so the show can go on.

Processing mobile data security

Just for fun, let’s take a peek behind the curtain. IT’s objective is to tighten mobile data security without a mass revolt.

  1. IT assesses hundreds of mobile security apps to find the best fit both for your business’s security needs and your needs as a user, so you can do you work wherever and however you need to.
  2. IT invests in a VPN so you can more safely work out and about without jeopardizing the entire network.
  3. IT undergoes penetration testing, malware updates, and patching round the clock—all while answering the same help desk ticket you sent last week, Jim.
  4. IT keeps up with data compliance regulations; security options and solutions like containerization and authentication; and news of every data breach and major hack to make the best decisions for the office as well as to protect you and the business.

It’s easy to take security for granted, but it takes a ton of work: antivirus, security updates, Windows Updates, patching, and much more come at a higher pace than usual, and IT managers have worked furiously with modern tools to deliver all of those like magic.

Giving thanks to the thankless

It’s easy to forget that those in IT are constantly fighting fires or improving systems, regardless of the time-of-day—all to make sure that you are able to get your work done without a hiccup. They’re there in the middle of the night when you need them, and always have a solution handy.

Though the IT department is a core role, it can be a thankless job—because we tend to forget about them until something breaks. But there are hundreds of issues they take care of quietly behind the scenes to make sure everything works, and that’s something to be thankful for.

After all, it’s because of them you got to enjoy your holiday without needing to worry about who was looking after your laptop, whether or not you could use your device outside the office, or if it was safe to log on from home.

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